Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Series info

I've had a few questions about additional books after Embers in a Dark Frost, my new indie pubbed New Adult Fantasy novel. So to clarify: Embers is part one of a two-part series.

So, Kelly, why not just write one big, gigantic book instead you ask? Well, for a lot of reasons. In Embers, there is a very defined external goal, and in the end Deira, my character, achieves that goal. It was a natural way to end that part of the overall story arc. To put both parts into one book would make the book nearly 200,000 words. (An average for a full-length novel is anywhere from 80-100k words, give or take). Trying revise, edit, and make sure everything is consistent from start to finish is tough even in a regular length novel. To do that in a 200k novel is absolutely doable, of course, but not something I wanted to (or could) tackle due to my schedule, and I just prefer to write (and read) regular length novels. Splitting them up made more sense for this storyteller. So the external goal was accomplished in part one, and the relationship issue will see resolution in part two.

Part two is coming in 2013. ;-)  Hope this helped clear things up!

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