Kelly Keaton is the critically acclaimed author of the Gods & Monsters YA urban fantasy series (Simon Pulse) and the Charlie Madigan series (Pocket Books) written as Kelly Gay. Her work has been translated into several different languages and earned accolades such as nominations in the ARRAs and RITAs, and finals in the Goodreads Choice Awards and the SIBA Book Awards. Kelly is also a recipient of North Carolina Arts Council's Fellowship Grant in Literature. 

On the personal side, Kelly loves ancient history, fantasy, mythology, and Wonder Woman. She's a fan of Indian food, rock & gem collecting, horse riding/training, and her family. She enjoys gaming  and can often be heard shouting, "Where's a healing station when you need it?!" She is passionate about SFF film and television. She extols the virtues of Xena, Dr. Who, Harlock, BSG, and Farscape to unsuspecting, glassy-eyed innocents, and believes that Aeryn Sun and John Crichton are one of the greatest TV couples of all time.

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