Thursday, January 24, 2019

A New Year...

Happy 2019 everyone! As this new year rolls around, and my final work-for-hire novel, HALO: RENEGADES is finally done and set to release next month (Feb 19), I'll be able to turn some of my attention back to some work-in-waiting. I always say every year that I hope to turn back to self-publishing, but seems every time I do, I get offered new work contracts which pulls me away again. I realize it's not perhaps a positive thing for those who enjoy my self-published works as the wait time has become embarrassingly & extraordinarily long, however, it is the right path for me to put traditional publishing as the priority.

For those who might not understand: The Gods & Monsters series is no longer supported by a publisher. The last book (4th) and any future books are firmly in the self publishing realm. As well as the Fire & Frost books. I work on them when time allows -- which is very little but some nonetheless. Life throws us lots of curve balls and shoves us off track, and I'm no exception.

I also realize another message like this from me is not something people want to hear (I have read your messages and I know the wait sucks--I'm really sorry about that!) I love Ari and Deira as much as you do. I love Violet and Sebastian and the Fire Breathers... Just know that I haven't forgotten these stories and one day they'll be books and it'll be a nice surprise for those still interested in seeing what happens next. Thanks for loving these stories so much and hanging in there.

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